Calibrated Flat Response Noise Plugs For Musicians, Concert -goers, MP3 Users, and Music Lovers generally.

Elacin ER noise plugs are ideal for musicians who want to be protected from loud music exposure, but still hear the true sound and frequency range of the music and their instrument.

Elacin ER (Etymotic Research) noise plugs are custom-made, and fit deep into the ear canal to give the best comfort and attenuation.

Elacin ER noise plugs feature an individually calibrated filter (9, 15 or 25dB), designed to attenuate all frequencies at the same level. Unlike solid noise plugs which attenuate all frequencies differently, these filtered ear plugs give a flat attenuation across the frequency range. This means Elacin ER noise plugs let you hear sounds accurately, but at a safe and comfortable level for your environment.

ER Features:

  • Custom-made
  • Attenuates all frequencies evenly
  • Hear sounds safely and accurately
  • Available in 3 levels of attenuation

Available In 3 Levels Of Attenuation:

  • ER-9 (9dB, ideal for vocalists, acoustic or classical musicians)
  • ER-15 (15dB, suitable for most musicians)
  • ER-25 (25dB, ideal for rock musicians, sound engineers, DJs and very loud concerts)

Supplied With:

  • Cleaning brush & spray
  • Presentation pouch
  • Comfort cream
  • Choice of colours available
  • Attaching neck cord optional

Hearing Healthcare are agents for Puretone and Elacin.

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