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Ear Plugs / Hearing Protection

Hearing Protection
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Hearing Healthcare Ireland is the leading supplier of a wide range of custom-moulded hearing protection / ear plugs  for both adults and children in Dublin and all over Ireland for all types of industries and applications, including musicians, workers, bikers, shooters, swimmers. We also supply ear muffs for children - the IDEAL HEARING PROTECTION SOLUTION for MUSIC CONCERTS & FESTIVALS such as: OXEGEN, ELECTRIC PICNIC, SLANE, BODY & SOUL and many others.

"Biopact" Custom-moulded Ear Plug "Clearsound" Custom-moulded Ear Plug "Compact Flexcomfort" Custom-moulded Ear Plug "ER" Custom-moulded Ear Plug

Deafness or hearing impairment resulting from prolonged exposure to loud noise is most frequently associated with industrial workplaces, construction, engineering, manufacturing, airports etc. The damaging effects of this kind of noise are also the most studied type of Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL).

There is no cure for NIHL, but the use of modern individually moulded ear plugs is now becoming standard practice both for prevention of any hearing loss and for listening comfort.

Click on the video below to find out more about the manufacturing process of our custom-moulded ear plugs